National Archeological Musem "G. Carettoni" 

Archeological Area of Casinum

Distance:  2  Km

Address: Via di Montecassino 


The archaeological area of ​​ancient Casinum includes some remarkable monuments of the Roman city. Remains of the layout of a road paved with limestone paving stones are preserved to identify with the urban stretch of the Via Latina, as well as the Campana gate, thus identified in an epigraph relating to restorations made in 57 AD Of great interest is the amphitheater, probably a dating building to the decades of transition between the first century B.C. and the I d.C The museum exhibits finds from the city and its immediate surroundings, pre-Roman era, enriched by a choice of materials related to the Volsca civilization from ancient Satricum and recent findings in Roman necropolis on the Via Pedemontana west of the city.

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