Via Benedicti

The places of the Benedictine Cult: the path of the Abbeys of San Benedetto

The Way of the Abbeys is a long great path that retraces the stages of the journey of San Benedetto, undertaken between 525 and 529, from Subiaco to Montecassino.


The route, of about 150 km, is divided into 9 stages, about 15 km long, which can be covered on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The Way passes through suggestive Ciociaria historical centers such as Subiaco, Alatri, Veroli and Arpino and visits seven important Religious Monuments such as: the Monastery of Santa Scolastica and the Sacro Speco in Subiaco, the Certosa di Trisulti in Collepardo, the Badia San Sebastiano ad Alatri, the Abbey of Casamari in Veroli, the Abbey of San Domenico in Sora the Abbey of Montecassino in Cassino.


The Way of the Abbeys of San Benedetto gives pilgrims, walkers or hikers the opportunity to immerse themselves in pristine natural environments and unique scenic beauty, to cross places of historical, artistic and cultural importance and to immerse themselves in places of contemplation and meditation in search of one's spiritual essence.

Stages of the Way

Subiaco - Altipiani di Arcinazzo          15km

Altipiani di Arcinazzo - Guarcino        16km

Guarcino - Collepardo                          17km

Collepardo - Veroli                               16km

Veroli - Monte S. G. Campano             17km

Monte S.G. Campano - Arpino             20km

Arpino - Casalvieri                               12km

Casalvieri - Roccasecca                      15km

Roccasecca - Cassino                          20km

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