the Via Francigena of the South

The Via Francigena is a medieval route that crosses Europe from north to south, leading to the main places of religious interest such as Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. Historically the beginning of this journey is Canterbury, from which in the post Roman centuries Christianity spread in Europe and from where pilgrims crossing the consular roads and on the Appia in particular, arrived in Rome in prayer.


The name "Francigena" is precisely to indicate the way or the roads that "from the Land of the Franks" allowed pilgrims from across the Alps to reach Rome. The Via Francigena del Sud is now known as a bundle of consular roads that winds from Rome starting from Porta Maggiore (ancient Porta Sessoriana), passing through Via Casilina, Via Prenestina and Via Appia along the lower Lazio, towards of Campania and Puglia, where sailing from Brindisi we arrive in Jerusalem in the Holy Land.


For the modern pilgrim, the Via Francigena reserves many surprises today. You can walk on beautiful traits and meet extraordinary places and people. A transversal itinerary, between Roman paving stones and ancient sheep tracks, pagan temples, majestic cathedrals and Christian sanctuaries, gentle hills and rugged mountain passages ... all to discover and to Live!

*La Via Francigena del Sud

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