the Cavendish Road

The Cavendish Road was a military road built by Indian and New Zealand engineers in March 1944, extending an ancient mule track which had been used by the Americans since the beginning of February 1944 to supply their positions on the hills of the Montecassino area. It was used during the third battle of Cassino in order to carry out a diversionary attack able to convey as many enemy resources as possible to the north and thus increase the chances of a frontal attack on the Abbey.


The baptism of fire of the Cavendish Road began at dawn on March 19, 1944 when the vehicles waiting in an assembly area began to move towards the Albaneta farm. No infantry support was foreseen and the Germans, initially taken by surprise, reacted immediately with determination, easily rejecting the advance of the contingent with the use of anti-tank weapons and mines. At the end of the fighting, the Allies left almost half of the vehicles on the battlefield and made huge losses in terms of human lives. During the night the Germans destroyed the abandoned carts and heavily mined the area with high-potential mines, the same ones that in May would have destroyed the tanks of the Polish armored regiment used in that sector during the last battle of Cassino.

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