Traditional cuisine is an expression of local peasant culture. It is strongly based on the agricultural resources of the territory, such as cereals, vegetables, cheeses, meats, wine and oil. Although it is rich in typical preparations, the recipes often change from area to area, becoming richer or revisited in new perceptions of flavors and fragrances. Similar in some respects to the poor Roman cuisine, traditional cuisine has been enriched with preparations introduced by the various dominations: French, Greek-Campanian-Spanish, Arabic.

Small typical restaurants, traditional pizzerias, artisan ice cream parlors and many small gastronomic resources scattered around the streets and alleys of the city offer more traditional menus or tasty revisitations of classic cuisine. The pizzerias are divided into "alla romana" and "alla napoletana" but both with genuine ingredients and zero km. Advice? It is about exploring the city with your own legs and letting yourself be carried away by the aromas and taste.

Little menù of the city

Trattoria Locanda d'Amore - Via Enrico de Nicola, 97

Civico Sociale - Trattoria della Legalità -  Via A. Aligerno, 40

The place to Be - Via P. Bembo, 9

Elvio - Pizzetteria - Via Enrico de Nicola, 158

Don Antonio - Pizzeria - Via degli Eroi, 17

La Padella - Pizza al taglio - Via Enrico de Nicola, 225



Nightclubs where you can spend the evening with friends, cozy wine bars - wine bars with soft music, young eateries and aperitifs, well-stocked craft and non-craft breweries, disperse in the city center and their light bulbs are the beginning of the evening in Cassino. Music, entertainment for so much fun in the crowded squares of young people and students of the city, but also good food, a good glass of wine and soft environments for a convivial evening full of taste and tranquility. The city at night is a beautiful walk among the tree-lined avenues and moments of aggregation in the many clubs of the city.


Chimera - Pub, Birreria -  Via G. di Biasio, 98 | Palazzo Barone

Santo Bevitore Enoteca - Wine bar - Via Marconi, 8

Amnesia - Enoteca, Ristorante - Via G. d'Annunzio, 74

Symposyo - Wine bar, Caffetteria - Via T. Piano

Kildare Irish Pub - Birreria - Via G. di Biasio, 17

L'Angolo Divino - Enoteca, Ristorante - Via del Carmine, 26

Radio Killer - Birreria - Corso della Repubblica, 97

B&b l'Angolo di Mo  

B&b l'Angolo di Mo 2  

Piazza PC. Restagno 4, Cassino (Fr)


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