Cassino has a very long history and in this story it has had its moments of splendor and those of decline. The city has always been a stopping point for peoples and communities since ancient times, and it is from this long past that Cassino inherits its most beautiful and precious monuments. If, however, prosperity leaves pleasant memories to pass on, in the darkest times the city was the scene of numerous war conflicts, natural catastrophes and diseases that marked its history.
The territory of Cassino is full of testimonies of the Second World War and recalls the deeds of those who were part of it with the blessing of its Military Shrines, it is a reminder of an ancient Rome of splendor and richness, the Amphitheater and the Roman Theater, it is a testimony of a place of meditation and prayer with its imposing Abbey of Montecassino.

Germanic War Cemetery of Caira

Commonwealth War Cemetery

Polish War Cemetery of Montecassino

Archeological National Museum "G. Carettoni" 

Archeological area of Casinum


Cassino Museo di Arte Contemporanea

B&b l'Angolo di Mo  

B&b l'Angolo di Mo 2  

Piazza PC. Restagno 4, Cassino (Fr)


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