The surroundings of the city, in a mixture of nature and civil works, reserve marvels to experience and discover. In a patch of land between the first mountains of the National Park of Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio and the sea coasts of nearby Gaeta and Formia, unique and completely different landscapes are concentrated. Landscapes to explore and admire from the sky, from the earth and from the waters.

The numerous activities that the territory reserves for those who love outdoor activities, playing sports or seeking tranquility in long walks in nature, are open to everyone, from the smallest to the most intrepid.

Paragliding and hang-gliding

Observe our territory from above and be thrilled by its beautiful scenery. In flight you will be able to scrutinize different and suggestive horizons of a wonderful territory. There is no need for specific experiences or special skills but only to have the "desire to fly".

Rafting, Canoa e Kayak

Immersed in the enchanting colors of the Gari river landscape, the activities of the Cassino Rafting and Canoe Center are held together with certified Cassino Adventure guides. In complete safety and well equipped you will be able to experience the city in a totally unexpected way!


Cassino Adventure - Rafting and Canoeing Center www.cassinoadventure.com


A territory with an ancient history and abundant natural resources, enhances and enhances a gastronomy with a strong rural imprint. The local cuisine is an expression of the traditional, varied and genuine culture.

Pub & Wine Bar

The night of Cassino hides small realities where you can spend a nice evening with friends. Well-stocked wine bars, pubs crowded with young people and places for music and fun.


Whether on foot or by bicycle, dedicate a day to sport and nature, discovering the wonders of our territory!

B&b l'Angolo di Mo  

B&b l'Angolo di Mo 2  

Piazza PC. Restagno 4, Cassino (Fr)


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