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Volsci, Osci, Sanniti, Romans, Lombards and a succession of stories of splendor, rebirth destruction. Cassino, from a primitive village to a Roman city, from the Land of Saints to a battlefield in the Second World War. A city rich in history, culture and memory.



The cassinate calendar is full of events. Drink, dance and enjoy the nights of village festivals and celebrations. Every time of the year is perfect for live nightclub music or for entertainment in the local discos. In the summer it is all a ferment, set avenues, crowded parks, squares taken by assault and lots of fun.



It is enough to get out of the urban center that the beauty of the surroundings shows itself in all its variety. You can retrace the roads of the Second World War on Mount Cairo, you can explore the uncontaminated nature of the nearby National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise or you can dive into the green waters of the nearby seaside destinations like Gaeta or Terracina. Along the wildlife trails you can admire the splendid panorama of our Earth and along the consular roads retrace the steps of ancient populations. On foot, by bicycle, alone or in company ... Cassino is only to be discovered!




Cheese, vegetables, eggs and good wine, but also meat, fish and game. All wonderful products from our surroundings. Sitting at the table or eating standing is just a way to savor local dishes. Rediscovered or revisited by the expert hands of local chefs, the cassinate kitchen is staged with the flavors, tastes and emotions of historical origins.



Discover the best time to visit the city of Cassino

Low season

(January March)


* Low prices, few tourists and many students.

* Interesting sites observe reduced hours, night clubs frequented on weekends.

* Temperature of the icy river


(April - June, September - December)


* Trees and flower beds in bloom, mild climate ideal for walking and outdoor activities.

* First festivals and village festivals in June.

* Average prices, small presence of tourists, the locals set up the dehors.

High season

(July and August)

* Brio bars, restaurants and outdoor venues.

* Torrid temperatures, sultry days e hot nights.

* Crowded sites of interest, bathing destinations taken by storm.

* Temperature of the fresh river

* Beware of mosquitoes!




Euro (€)




For Italian and EU citizens in general, a valid identity card is sufficient.


GSM, 3G and 4G systems compatible with Italy.

Local SIMs are compatible with European mobile phones.


ATMs are the best solution to withdraw money and are very present in the city. Credit cards are accepted by all businesses. It is always advisable to carry cash with you.


Cassino is on GMT/UTC +1, italian time.

When in Cassino it's 12 o'clock, even in Roma it's 12.


Carabinieri                         112

Police                                 113

Hospital                              118

Fireman                              115


Low, Mid, High



some from 8 to 21

others from 6 to 22

most from 8 to 13, from 16 to 20

some h24.

We can say variable times.


* Check that you have taken money, house keys, mobile phone, valid documents.

* Book accommodation at least for the first night.

* Check the events to live or avoid on the local calendar. * Find out about the customs, traditions and behavioral rules of the place.


Transportation is there and is reasonably priced. (Sometimes you can negotiate) The TRAIN arrives and leaves from the Cassino train station, it serves in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, sometimes even at night. Most trains stop at all stations. CAR is useful to move from one place to another when it rains, when the destination is far away, when ... today we are lazy! It is possible to rent a car in the city, the guide is on the right. BUS definitely slower than the car, maybe faster than our trains. It is very easy to get around by bus, check the timetables, buy the ticket and wait in the right place for it to pass. Useful to reach the surroundings of Cassino and the beach destinations not served by the train.



GREETINGS: it is always good practice to greet each other among friends, in a group or in a family. The locals are very welcoming and often say hello. Among men it is usually used to shake hands, with women, if accepted, it is possible to exchange two kisses on the cheeks.


VISITS TO CHURCHES: in the form of respect it is always polite not to visit the churches during the Eucharistic function and not to take photographs.


MANCE: tip is not mandatory, but it's always nice to receive it!


In bars or clubs that serve drinks it is usual to accompany the drink with an assortment of appetizers. They are usually free, sometimes they could be charged to the final account.


Italian is widespread in the city center and in the immediate suburbs. In some areas, in neighboring rural countries and among the elderly it is possible to hear the local dialect spoken. Some restaurants have menus in English or different languages, others, the most typical, in local dialect.


B&b l'Angolo di Mo  

B&b l'Angolo di Mo 2  

Piazza PC. Restagno 4, Cassino (Fr)


Marco: +39 328 68 71005 - Ornella: +39 338 16 65481