Commonwealth War Cemetery

The Military Cemetery of the Commonwealth of Cassino was inaugurated on 31 August 1956 in the presence of gen. Alexander and all the Commonwealth ambassadors. It houses 4,266 tombs of soldiers who died in the battles of Montecassino, during the Second World War, from the current United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Nepal and Pakistan and a soldier of the Red Army. 284 of these soldiers have not been identified. Each tomb is marked with a marble plaque engraved with the general details of the soldier e the emblem of the department or command to which it belongs; in many tombstones there is a commemorative phrase dictated by the relatives of the Fallen. At the center of the military cemetery a large garden with an altar bearing the words

"their names liveth for evermore" (their names will live forever)

Distance:  1,6 Km

Address:  72, Via Sant'Angelo


Opening Hours:


Morning: 8 - 12,

Afternoon : 13 - 15.30.



Morning: 7.30 - 12,  

Afternoon:  13 - 16.

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