Polish War Cemetery

The Polish military cemetery is located near the Abbey of Montecassino and is one of the five war cemeteries present in the Cassine territory. The Polish Military Cemetery holds 1072 corpses of Polish soldiers fallen in the battle between 11 and 19 May 1944. It was built between 1944 and 1945 under the direction of the engineer Tadeusz Muszyński according to the architectural project of Wacław Hryniewicz and Jerzy Skolimowski. The construction of the cemetery, on the initiative of Polish soldiers participating in the battles of Montecassino, was started immediately after the end of the fighting in 1944. His consecration took place on 1 September 1945 during a multi-denominational ceremony celebrated according to the Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical and Jewish rite, with the participation of the representatives of the Government of Poland in exile e of the command of the allied armies. The cemetery is located on the flat saddle known as "The Valley of Death", between the abbey of Montecassino and the hill 593, the scene of bloody battles.

Distance:  9,3  Km

Address:  Abbazia di Montecassino

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

from 10 to 17.


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